What are some tips to increase your click speed while playing video games?

how to increase your click speed

It is natural for us as beings to want to get better. The desire to improve ourselves, especially in things that are important to us and that make us feel good, is a dominant drive and welcome. Depending on what hobby you spend your free time with, there is a lot you can do to get better at some point, or at least to make it more efficient. People do a lot of different things for fun and enjoyment, from artistic work and sports to intellectual things like learning new languages ​​or just reading.

If you're more of fun and excitement, and most importantly, nothing that you normally have to do for school and/or work, video games might be the right pastime for you. Chances are you are already a gamer. In this case, you have no choice but to try to get better at your favorite games. You probably know how many different aspects most video games have. It seems that each genre should be approached differently and one constantly has to pay attention to several things that appear on the screen.

Computer games and mice

If there's one thing in common, no matter what game it is or what's happening on the screen, if you're a pc gamer playing on a gaming computer, at least it's the mouse click. The mouse and keyboard combination has numerous advantages over the traditional gamepads that the consoles use, especially for games that require constant camera movements and looking around.

The mouse is a much better tool for shooting games on the PC, both first-person and third-person since it acts more like an extension of your arm than a tool. But playing with mouse may be difficult for beginners hence they has low CPS. To increase your clicking speed, take butterfly click test and check how fast you can click.

With that in mind, the most important thing here is your mouse click speed, or more precisely, the speed at which you can click the buttons. In this article, we will help you to get answers to the important (title) question, how to increase your mouse click speed while playing games. Is that even possible and does it have any advantages? Read on to find out!

Why do I have to click faster?

Being able to do something faster means you have mastered it so far that you have options on how to do it. Always doing it quickly when you can is more a matter of need than the problem.

You are unlikely to be clicking as fast as you can all the time during your gaming sessions. This is neither convenient nor necessary. However, if the situation calls for it, you will have the ability and technique to do it and overcome the obstacle.

Learning how to click faster in video games can save you in a difficult situation. Depending on the gameplay, there are numerous situations where a faster click routine can lead to better results. You may often find quick-time events or snapping minigames in single-player games in which you have to fill up a bar faster than normal for your character to take action.

These are usually physical things in the game, like pushing or lifting heavy objects or blocking attacks, that try to let you participate in your character's difficulties and work. You will move through the level faster if you click faster. Some are even limited in time and if you don't do it in time.

In multiplayer games, it depends on the game, but being able to click faster and control your shooting is usually very beneficial. Every weapon in every game is unique, and they have their recoil patterns and gimmicks that you need to know about.

Once you are familiar with them, you need to control the movement as you shoot, but also how often and how fast you shoot. You can easily outmaneuver and outsmart your opponent if you can quickly switch between shooting and not shooting. Additionally, some semi-auto guns shoot as fast as you can mouse click, an obvious benefit if you can do it faster.

A good mouse

gaming mouse

Now that you know why you need it, let's see what you need to do to master faster clicking. You can't expect to be any better at gaming with an ordinary, random mouse.

You need a gaming mouse that is designed for a specific type of game and designed to click faster. Your sensors are better, more sensitive and they can register more clicks. So, choose a quality gaming mouse to get started right.

Clicking on software exercises

As with most of the other things out there, the most important part is practicing. Practicing in-game is cool, but it will affect your performance and ruin the game for you and your friends. It is much better to do this on your own time with mouse click software.

These special online services give you the ability to click on a specific area as quickly as possible and award points based on your performance. Visit clickstes to see one of the best examples. Here you can try out the different click variants. Speaking of different approaches ...

Hand positioning

When you can get a mouse that feels comfortable and natural in your hand, the next important thing is to hold it properly. This is very subjective as we are all different and the shape and size of our hands are also unique to us.

The way you hold a mouse is likely to be different from your friend's. Find the right-hand position and style, be it a grasping, a gentle grip, a claw position, etc.

Click technology

Not all games click the same way. This has to do with the size of the mouse and the length of its fingers. The index finger is the one that clicks and therefore the key part of your hand.

There are gamers who bend it so that they click with their fingertip, but there are also those who prefer to put their whole hand on the mouse and cover it almost completely, that is, their whole index finger goes over the mouse button and they click with the better part of it. Find out the fastest, most convenient way to do it, and stick with it.